10 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Year

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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Year

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This article comes from The Spruce.

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Year

Some believe that the end of summer also marks the final days of enjoying outdoor barbecues, parties, and casual get-togethers. Yet, just by adding a few design elements to your outdoor space, you can extend the good times through the fall months and even into winter. We’ve come up with 10 easy ways to enjoy your yard throughout the year.

1. Heat Things Up

It’s easy to extend your time spent outdoors if you simply add a source of heat near seating areas. Besides warming up cold guests, a fire is a nice place to gather around and drink a hot beverage or roast marshmallows. Permanent or portable, consider one of these ways to heat things up:

  • Firepit
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Outdoor heater

2. Add More Lighting

In the summer, you’ll want some string lights or lanterns to set a festive moody. Keep them up into the cooler months: It gets dark earlier in the fall, so add more lighting and readjust timers to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Lighting fixtures can be solar and LED, along with different types, like path markers, spotlights, and patio string lights.

3. Weatherproof Furniture

If you want to enjoy your patio or outdoor space beyond summer, make sure your garden furniture is weather-resistant. Furniture made from materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker are built to withstand the elements and last through many seasons. Also, cover it and bring in cushions and pillows when it rains or snows.

4. A Grill or Outdoor Kitchen

They say that food tastes better if it’s been grilled, and that goes for any season. Continue grilling past summer. Wear an extra shirt or sweater, a heat lamp, and change the menu slightly for more warm dishes, and then cook and dine outside during the fall and winter.

5. Add a Hot Tub

There’s a reason that hot tubs are so popular year-round: because they make you feel nice, warm, and relaxed—any time of year. But it especially feels good when the temperatures drop. Whether it’s a solo soak or an impromptu party with some friends after a game or evening out, the tub is always there, toasty and inviting you to come outside and soak for a spell.

6. Up the Fun Factor

To get more use out of your outdoor room during the fall, winter and early spring (providing temperatures aren’t below freezing), maximize its potential. How? Whatever you do for enjoyment or relaxation indoors can be done in an outdoor living space, from games to watching TV to grilling and dining. Some fun ideas are:

  • Invite friends or family over to watch a film, game, or videos on an outdoor TV or computer.
  • Cook and serve a nice, hot dinner outside. Grill a pizza, burgers, or cook a pot of chili or a hearty soup. Enjoy coffee and s’mores over a fire pit afterward.
  • If it’s snowing, build snowmen, decorate, and enjoy hot beverages as you admire your work.
  • Host a holiday party that uses both indoors and outdoors spaces. Decorate both areas.

7. Make Things Cozy

Adding sources of heat and lighting help to keep you outside, but try to add a feeling of coziness and warmth. To do so, make your patio or outdoor space a true outdoor room by adding the comforts you enjoy indoors: pillows, throws, and blankets to share with a friend while you enjoy gazing at the stars or enjoying a hot beverage.

8. Year-Round Gardening

Grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables in containers on your porch, deck, or patio, close to your house. You’re more likely to spend time outside and become accustomed to the concept of spending time outdoors, even if you have to wear a jacket and gloves. After you’re done with your outdoor winter gardening chores, kick back and enjoy your cozy space.

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