Your February Home Checklist

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January 29, 2021
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Your February Home Checklist

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Your February Home Checklist

Keep your home fresh and organized this month while you plan for warmer days ahead.

1. Rotate your mattress.

Before you put on a fresh set of sheets, take an extra minute to rotate the mattress if you haven’t done so recently. Rotating your mattress every few months will help it wear more evenly and extend its life (and comfort).

2. Pack up a bag of old sheets and towels to donate.

If you bought new sheets or towels during January white sales, make some room by letting go of an old set or two. Homeless shelters and some churches will accept donations of bedding and towels in good condition, and animal shelters are often in need of towels. (Check that donations are being currently accepted.) Really worn linens can be cut up and used as rags or dropped in a textile recycling bin.

3. Clean entryway floors.

If winters are cold where you are, road salt and melting snow can mean entryway floors take a beating. Pick up the clutter and give the floors a good mopping.

To keep floors looking their best between cleanings, stash a few old towels in a basket near the door to wipe up messes.

4. Keep sidewalks and entryways free of ice and snow (even while you’re away).

Ice and snow can make walkways dangerous for visitors. Aim to shovel snow promptly, and sprinkle gravel, straw or wood chips to provide traction. Frequent light shoveling is better than letting the snow build up. And if you plan to be away during an expected winter storm, hire someone to clear the sidewalk and front steps of your home while you’re gone. Your neighbors and mail carrier will thank you.

5. Check bathrooms for moisture, mildew and mold.

It can be hard to give bathrooms enough ventilation when the house is closed up tight for winter.

Unfortunately, that buildup of moisture can lead to mildew or even harmful mold. Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning, paying special attention to grout, the ceiling and any other areas showing signs of excess moisture.

6. Clean the dryer vent (and check for blockages outside).

Having the buildup of lint cleaned from your dryer vent at least once a year is essential to keeping your dryer working efficiently and preventing a potential dryer fire. In winter, snow can block the exterior vent, so take a walk outside your home to inspect the vent and remove snow or debris if needed.

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