Partnering with Captain

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April 11, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Partnering with Captain

For over 40 years, CAPTAIN has been providing programs that address the core issues facing our society today, including homelessness, poverty, youth violence, hunger, academic failure, family dysfunction, and human trafficking. CAPTAIN approached and continues to approach these issues through numerous programs and services.

CAPTAIN Mission & Vision

CAPTAIN Community Human Services supports and empowers people of all ages to reach their goals of personal growth and self-sufficiency. We strengthen communities.

As a volunteer-driven organization, CAPTAIN CHS strives to be a recognized leader in finding effective solutions to social issues in the communities we serve.

  • With the current COVID-19 crisis demand on the Food Pantry alone has increased by 76%
  • Through Cheryl’s Lodge in Halfmoon Heights, CAPTAIN aims to serve over 800 meals a week to children out of school and in need.
  • CAPTIAN has faithfully supported our LOCAL community for over 40 years with an impeccable reputation. They need our help now more than ever, help us help them with either a monetary or item donation.

**Captain is currently purchasing food at $0.19/lb. That means every $5.00 donated is over 25 pounds of food!**

For Every FULL bin donated, Crescent Ace will donate $25.00

Monetary donations are encouraged and allow CAPTAIN to significantly stretch your dollars through reduced-price bulk purchases.  Donate online HERE.