12 Patio Cover Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

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March 23, 2020
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April 11, 2020

12 Patio Cover Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

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12 Patio Cover Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best patio cover ideas for any space. From wooden pergolas that your vines and flowers can climb to chic sunroofs that shield your outdoor furniture from the elements, there’s an effective patio cover for everyone.

Pergola With Climbing Vines

A pergola is a great way to add visual interest to your garden — especially with climbing vines and a statement dining table underneath.

Natural Light Patio Cover

A solid glass sunroof allows the light in while keeping the elements out. Try a retractable one so you can get coverage when you need it and unfiltered sunshine when you don’t.

Rustic Roof Cover

A patio cover doesn’t have to be brand new to be beautiful. We love that this one is perfectly worn in and stylish.

Wooden Garden Pergola

Even if you don’t cover it in flowers or vines, a pergola is a great way to string fairy lights across your backyard for a magical touch.

Colored Patio Cover

Bring color to your space by painting the ceiling an unusual hue. We love the way this mint shade contrasts with the white railing.

Rustic Light Fixtures

Whether you’re decorating inside or outside, one of the easiest ways to make a statement is with a bold light fixture. Use your patio cover to hang a few at different heights, as seen atop this chic dining area.

Ceiling Fan Patio Cover

Summer can get hot and stuffy — but that’s no reason to sit inside. Instead, affix an outdoor ceiling fan to your patio cover. Sipping coffee on the deck has never been better.

Freestanding Patio Cover

A freestanding patio and seating area can expand your backyard space. Plus, it’s much easier to build a patio cover when it doesn’t need to attach to your house.

Patio Cover and Fireplace

This deck cover is supported by a stunning outdoor fireplace and anchored by a gorgeous wicker light fixture. That’s guaranteed coziness no matter the weather.

Hanging Garden Patio Cover

Don’t want to hang light fixtures? Hang flowers instead. We love the way this porch has lots of vertical visual interest, from the hanging baskets and curtains to the lantern and pastel ceiling.

Curtained Patio Cover

Give your patio some privacy by installing a curtain rod around the top of it. Most days, you’ll leave it open (which looks so chic, as seen here). But if you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party or want some shade, you can pull the curtains shut.

Rustic Pergola

For a low-maintenance pergola, try one in a rustic dark finish and surround it with vines and trees. We love the way this one looks like it’s been part of the landscape for decades.

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